Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Adult Education at Union Hall: Tue. April 7

Tuesday, April 7
Stay Free Magazine presents...
Adult Education

a useless lecture series

Adult Education is a Brooklyn-based monthly lecture series devoted to making useless knowledge somewhat less useless. Each month is devoted to a given theme, and 4 speakers will address some aspect of that theme using visual aids.

This month, Adult Education welcomes a panel of presenters on Safety Lessons:
"Color Schemes"

The line-up will include:

Megan Montague Cash

"Crayon Boxes Through the Ages"
Hang on tight! Megan Montague Cash takes you on a wild ride while exploring the history of crayon packaging.

Laurie Rosenwald
"Mutant Bastard Yucky Colors of the Apocalypse"
Lavender is the yellow of Japan. Hot pink is the navy blue of India. So how did dusty rose, teal, suntan, and what the author Douglas Coupland calls "veal" become America's first palette? Laurie Rosenwald investigates.

Jennifer L. Knox
"The Making of Brown"
Jennifer L. Knox explains the historical evolution of the primary colors, their permutations,
and why sleeping in a red t-shirt three nights in a row can give you a sinus infection.

Jude Stewart
"Decoding Color"
From blue collars to white telephones, Jude Stewart explores colors and their meanings.

All hosted by comedian Charles Star
8 pm (doors at 7:30)
$5 cover
Union Hall
702 Union St. (Fifth Ave.)
Park Slope, Brooklyn

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