Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Today in NYC: February 9

MurphGuide party tip: Put all your chips and bet that there will be no work/school tomorrow. That will enable you to go out tonight and enjoy all that New York nightlife has to offer. Here are some great suggestions:

NY Knicks Basketball at MSG
The NYC Celtic Music Meetup Group 3rd Anniversary
Stand Up Comedy at Comic Strip Live
John Mayall at B.B. King's
Live Music at Parkside Lounge
Otter Creek Brewery at Ulysses'
Camouflage at Thirteen
Networking for Professionals at Galway Hooker
Willie May Rock Camp For Girls Rock &Roll Auction
5 Year Birthday Party for Sixpoint Craft Ales
Aileen Morgan at Trinity Pub
Spokinn Movement at Ella Lounge

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