Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dorrian's Celebrates 50 Years

Congratulations to the Dorrian family, who are celebrating 50 years of Dorrian's Red Hand.

They kick off four nights of themed celebrations tonight.

Tuesday, November 16 - Friday, November 19
Dorrian's 4-Day 50th Anniversary Event

Tuesday, November 16:
Dorrian's Alumni Karaoke Night
Dorrian's invites all "alumni" to come back to reminisce, and then take part in their famous Tuesday karaoke night with Expressway Music, co-hosted by Kerry Cheeseboro (phude-nyc.com)

Wednesday, November 17:
80s Night
For those that remember a New York when the drinking age was 18, when people drank WooWoos, Kamikazes, and Dorrian's own White Manx and hotspots included Palladium, Tatou, Surf Club, Nick's Grove, Wo Hop and, of course, Dorrian's.
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Thursday, November 18:
90s Night
Dorrian's invites those that hung out there in the 1990s to reminisce about the first "dot-com" era, drinking SoCo & lime, Jamaican dusts, or Patron Silver, and the run of Yankees World Series victories and partying with Yankees such as David Wells and David Cone.
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Friday, November 19:
00s Night (what do we call that decade?)
This night is for the newer and current patrons, enjoying Jager bombs or Grey Goose and Stolis.
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Dorrian's notes that even though these are specifically-themed evenings, any and all are welcome to drop by on any night

1616 Second Ave. (84th St.)
New York, NY
(212) 772-6660

It all started back in 1960, when the late James "Red Dog" Dorrian, a successful saloon operator in the Theater district in the 50s, was one of the very first bar/restaurant owners to run a popular tavern business in Yorkville, known then as "Old German Town".
Dorrian's Red Hand Restaurant has been run by three generations of Dorrians ever since. First by James, then his son Jackie, and then by his grandchildren, with Jimmy Dorrian currently running the place.

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